Welcome to the training center for overcomers who want to walk the best walk they can with Yeshua. The mission of this school is to train up diciples who are healed, set free and walking in victory everyday. Have you ever felt like you walk with Yeshua was missing closeness? Are you still not sure what you are supposed to "do"? Do you still need healing or deliverance? Are you struggling to know how to study on your own or hear Yahs (Gods) voice?

Have the tools and studies you need for success. Freedom from bondages is possible, joy can be abundant in your life. Breakthroughs are around everycorner.

Sign up for The Victory Warrior Dicipleship Class or the Fully Healed Warrior Class, or you can bundle and have access to both.

Private coaching is also available.

Grow with me.

Hello I am Jenny. You probably know me as In the Real Life on Tik Tok or YouTube. I have started these classes in order to offer more intimate support for those looking to stregnthen their walk with Yeshua, recieve deliverance and heal from trauma. I offer classes in bible learning and dicipleship as well as trauma healing work and life coaching.

My purpose is to feed and grow you in your walk so that you will do the same for others. My classes include printable workbooks as well as ongoing tools to help you get breakthroughs in your life.

Let's build the Kingdom together.

In the Real Life Here Class
Live Out the Bible

Apply Bible wisdom in all areas of your life to get breakthrough, healing and a deeper relationship with Yeshua.

Enjoy Support

You are not alone in your journey and struggles. Recieve support and tools to help your through whatever stage you are in your journey.

Grow at Your own Pace

Join the live calls or study the classes on your own. Self paced courses are perfect your scheduale. New classes added weekly.